Music Submission

Music Submission Deadlines

  • Friday November 17  Submission deadline
  • Monday November 22 Results revealed
  • Friday December 5 Online registration deadline

Description of payment for submision

  • Fee free for music submission.
  • People who will not attend the conference but music pieces are selected should pay the “Conference Registration fee”
  • Registration fee (either the “Works Selected Registration”, or the whole 2017 WOCMAT Conference Registration) is required for the composers to perform the pieces in the concert.

Qualifications (all categories)

  • Music is limited to electroacoustic fixed media, including electronic music

    (tape) or multimedia music (with video), and the length should be limited

    into 90 seconds.

  • The music submission is for “2017 WOCMAT International Phil Winsor

    Electroacoustic Music Competition”, and there is no nationality and age limit.

  • The selected pieces will be performed in the “90(sec) x 40(pieces)” concerts. (Note: Only

    the registered composers’ pieces will be performed in the concert)

  • Maximum 2 Pieces for each author.

  • Please use Cloud Storage Services to upload your piece.

  • Formats:

    • Music: wav (note: in Windows PCM format)

    • Multimedia: mp4 (note: in H264 CODEC)

Music Submission

    The fee for application

    • Music works have no payment requirement.
    • Those who only apply for music work review (but won’t attend the conference) will still need to pay the “conference registration fee” once selected. The conference will only showcase works that complete the registration fee payment.

      Application Requirements

      • The conference calls for experimental, electro pop music and multimedia music works. The time limit for each work is one and a half minutes (90 seconds).
      • There is not exclusion on nationality and age.
      • The selected works will need to finish registration before being played during the conference.
      • Each applicant can enter 2 works for consideration.
      • Please upload the works via cloud storage service
      • This is the call for “2017 WOCMAT International Electroacoustic Music Competition”. The conference will invite local and international electronic music researcher and professionals to be the judges. The top 10 works will be awarded certification during the conference.
      • File format requirements:
        • Music: wav (note: in Windows PCM format)
        • Multimedia: mp4 (note: in H264 CODEC)



        • 11 / 17 (五): 論文及音樂投稿結束、提前註冊開始
        • 11 / 22 (一):入選作品發布
        • 12 / 05 (五):網路註冊結束


        • 音樂作品投稿時暫無需繳費。
        • 只參加音樂作品競賽而不參加研討會/工作坊者,伺入選後需要繳交 "研討會註冊費" 
        • 只有繳交研討會註冊費或工作坊註冊費者,大會才會將作品納入演出。


        • 徵集作品將限制於electroacoustic fixed media, 包括電子音樂或多媒體音樂作品
          長度限制在 1 分 30 秒內 (90秒)
        • 不限國籍、年齡
        • 入選作品將會在 “90(秒) x 40(作品件)” concerts中演出
          ( 備註 : 只有以註冊作曲家的作品才會在音樂會中演出)
        • 每位投稿者最多可投兩件作品
        • 請利用雲端儲存空間上傳作品
        • 作品格式
          • 音樂 :wav(note: in Windows PCM format)
          • 多媒體 : mp4 (note: in H264 CODEC)